Registration Start at 8 pm on 4rd of april 2024, until deadline at 8pm on 15 of june 2024

We welcome the teams, athletes and technicians who will participate in the Bracara Augusta Match - 2024. The completion of this match is a major sporting event prestige that the dynamism and initiative of the IPSC in Portugal.

We must raise the name of Portugal to the international community of athletes of IPSC, and at the same time, raising the name of IPSC in our Country.

All Athletes, coaches, range officers and managers, like a test full of successes for this match.

To the public, let the will of this grat national and international event is a step to gain or enhance the taste for this sport growing in our country.We address to all other employees, our congratulations and thanks for the time and effort spent.

We wish to the participants, the best sucess fot this competition. Those who visit us want to enjoy our hsopitality, cuisine and rich heritage.


To all, a message of congratulations.


O Presidente da Direção
João Pedro Gonçalves